Downforce Carbon Lip

The other day I got a call from Bill that the front lip he had ordered finally arrived. I wasn’t too sure what it was all about, even after a sample picture he sent me but then I realized was I ever wrong as soon as I arrived at his place. The front lip is a full carbon piece from Downforce. This is actually the same front lip on the Focus built for SEMA. For whatever reason, Downforce never made mention of the kit they had made for the Focus after the show. Bill decided to shoot them an e-mail and little did he expect for Downforce to reply that the lip had just finished production and was ready to ship. It just simply hasn’t had the opportunity to be marketed yet. This meant Bill picked up the first production lip from Downforce in the world. Pretty crazy stuff to imagine it’d end up in a place like Calgary.

Just as I arrived the car was already cleaned.

Some quick and simple shots of the front lip. The construction is amazing on this thing. Weave comes in different options too which is nice. Overall a really, really nice piece.

Beautiful weave, inside and out. This is quality!

Doing the prep work and a couple test fits prior to the actual install based off the little knowledge I have of course. I just capture others doing the work most of the time haha.

A small issue with the clips holding the lip in. So, we ended up bolting the lip to the bumper instead. It’s a little heavy duty and kind of an overkill but it’s nice to see how solid the lip is in place. Fitment with all the lines is simply perfect.

The finished piece. An extremely nice finishing touch.


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